Welcome to my blog, today we will be talking about Tiny Homes! Where small is the new big, and simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Builders and DIY enthusiasts alike are all about compact living and are weaving magic into these petite havens, crafting spaces that redefine the way we experience home. From skilled artisans fashioning unique designs to intrepid DIYers embarking on their miniature adventures, the world of tiny homes is alive with creativity and innovation. 

I posted a tiny home reel on my Facebook and there was an influx of demands for tiny homes from all over the globe so I decided to do some research and make a list of some of the tiny homes that are currently on sale.

Below are a few of the tiny homes from around the world that are currently on sale, so here’s your opportunity to snag ‘em before they’re sold out.

1. LUNA 

Location: Tennessee 

Price: $105,000

Meet Luna, the savvy and stylish tiny house that’s easy on the wallet! Enjoy the embrace of nature and soak up the sunshine with Luna’s large windows that let you see the outdoors from every corner of your home.


SQUARE FEET(SF):         170 sq.ft’.

SLEEPS:                            Up to 2

LAYOUT:                            1 Loft | 1 Bath

BUILT BY:                          New Frontier

SHIPS TO:                        United States

TYPE:                           Tiny House on Wheels

DIMENSIONS(in FT):      20′ x 8.5


Price:   $99,100

Location:  Oregon

Meet the Payette, a charming 28-foot tiny house from truformtiny.com, proudly crafted in Oregon. With 2 lofts and a main floor bedroom, it’s a clever space where comfort meets affordability. Designed for up to 6 people, the Payette keeps it simple, making it the perfect choice for those diving into tiny living without giving up on roominess. Your cozy haven awaits!


SQUARE FEET(SF):     238 sq.ft.

SLEEPS:        Up to 6

LAYOUT:         2 Lofts | 1 Bath | 1 Bed

BUILT BY:         TruForm Tiny

SHIPS TO:         United States

TYPE:                Tiny House on Wheels

DIMENSIONS(in FT):     28′ x 8.5’



Price: $70,000

Location: France

The Ondine, a creation of Baluchon, stands as a spacious haven tailored for small families. Reflecting ingenuity in structural design, this tiny house exemplifies Baluchon’s commitment to merging space-saving functionality with style. The exterior showcases a delightful fusion of three colors, while the well-thought-out interiors embrace Japanese living with a unique touch in the living room’s design, creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere. The Ondine’s double loft layout, accessible through cleverly designed Japanese stairs, makes it an ideal abode accommodating up to four people comfortably.


SQUARE FEET(SF)        225 sq.ft.

SLEEPS.                         Up to 4

LAYOUT.                    1 Loft | 1 Bath

BUILT BY.                   Baluchon

SHIPS TO.               Europe

TYPE.                  Tiny House on Wheels

DIMENSIONS(in FT)      24′ x 8.5’


Price:   $80,000

Location:  Hungary

A modern cabin perched on a hill, supported by four pillars, creating a floating sensation. It’s called WauHaus, and it’s not just a tiny home; it’s a lifestyle. Crafted by Hello Wood, this 24×8-foot wonder is designed for minimalism, both in construction and in encouraging a clutter-free life. What sets it apart? No stairs! The unique design, with a non-traditional roof slope and glass windows everywhere, gives the feeling of spaciousness and weightlessness. Step onto the deck, immerse yourself in a book, and relish the view – WauHaus is not just a house; it’s a “Wow-House!” 


SQUARE FEET(SF)    210 Sqft sq.ft.

SLEEPS.           Up to 2

LAYOUT.         1 Bed | 1 Bath

BUILT BY.         Hello Wood

SHIPS TO.       Europe

TYPE.              Tiny Home on Foundation

DIMENSIONS(in FT)       24′ x 8’



Price:  $240,000

Location: Belize

Hear that ocean calling? Well, darlings, it’s time to answer with a splash of luxury at the Cakora in the fabulous Aruna Resort! Nestled on the grandest island in Belize, this tiny haven is a gem waiting for your sparkle.

Now, hold onto your coconuts, because Aruna is not your average resort. It’s a chic, eco-friendly wonderland on the sun-soaked Ambergris Caye. Imagine white sand, turquoise waters, and homes designed by EcoVillages that scream Caribbean luxury with an eco-conscious twist.

But wait, there’s more! Aruna sits pretty on a private peninsula, a quick boat hop from San Pedro town and the airport. Dive into bustling tourist spots, shop till your beach bag’s content, and snorkel the world’s largest reef. Then, escape the chaos as you boat right up to your private pier at your eco-friendly waterfront paradise.

Aruna has a little secret – it’s the closest canal resort to the sizzling “Secret Beach”! A quick golf cart ride, and you’re in the heart of the action, darling. Enjoy the buzz, but when the sun-soaked day is done, escape to your oasis at Aruna! 


SQUARE FEET(SF)       300 SqFtsq.ft.

SLEEPS.                        Up to 4

LAYOUT.                        1 Loft | 1 Bath

BUILT BY.                       Eco Villages

SHIPS TO.                      N/A

TYPE.                  Tiny House on Foundation

DIMENSIONS(in FT)      24′ x 16’

So, if you’ve caught the tiny house bug and are ready to dive into this enchanting trend, you’re in luck! Our spotlight on the most sought-after tiny homes brings good news – they’re on sale now! Whether you’re eyeing the chic Cakora at Aruna Resort, the Luna with its budget-friendly charm, or any other, these pint-sized retreats are yours for the taking. Explore the offerings from renowned builders and unleash your inner DIY spirit. Tiny homes are not just a dwelling; they’re a lifestyle. Join the movement, and let the charm of small spaces redefine the way you live.